Jasper, RubberBand Hunter

In the safe confines of a Seattle apartment lives Jasper, Rubberband Hunter. For some time now she has scoured the rooms for her elusive prey. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Jasper was well versed in their lore and the frayed forms of many a rubberband are scattered to the far corners where vacuum cleaners seldom go. So numerous were her victories and so feared and reviled was her name, a few rubberbands banded toge-...well, they decided to strike back.

Cassius Longinus and Tattoo
"Ah, we approach from the rear undetected. My plan may work after all. Tattoo?" Hissed Cassius Longinus. He was a skinny scoundrel of a snoop. He was always attached to something unsavory.

"Yehsss, boss?" Tattoo was a dark pygmy and former bandeau bad boy. He had a reputation as a lady's band and a sense of bravery that disappeared when sober.

"Keep your voice down you sleazy swill swigger. We require the element of surprise to apply the mega-catnip that will render her helpless." They finally reached Jasper. She was cat...well, she was napping.Cassius began administering the catnip. A shout rang out from the far side of the bed. "Tattoo! You drank all my good Scotch! I'm going leave a maker's mark on your dark hide!" It was Antony and he was pissed.

Jasper's first reaction was to put herself a distance from her assailants. Unaccustomed to being the hunted, she at first was cautious. In her reaction to the shout she had unknowingly brought her tail down on Tattoo, knocking him unconscious. She registered the next closest threat as Cassius and pounced. At that Same moment Antony charged Jasper.
Jasper taking account of the situation
Cassius attacked! Antony Charges!
Alas, poor Antony's honorable effort was for naught. A victorious Jasper decided to take her prize to hinterlands of the apartment. She makes a note to return for the others. It was a fine band bounty today.
Jasper fells Antony
Jasper with her trophy
Something is Amiss! What strange sensations! Woohoo! Cassius managed to give Jasper mega-catnip, but how much?
Mega-catnip hits
Jasper is spaced

Is Jasper going Supernova?

Is this the last we've heard of Cassius, Tattoo, and Antony?

The answer to these questions and more will be revealed in the continuing adventures of Jasper, Rubberband Hunter.

Oh, but little does he know the truth...
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