Hearts in Atlantis

"I like lots of people our age when they're one by one," he said, "but I loathe and despise my generation Sully. We had an opportunity to change everything. We actually did. Instead we settled for designer jeans, two tickets to Mariah Carey at Radio City Music Hall, frquent-flier miles, James Cameron's Titanic, and retirement portfolios. The only generation even close to us in pure, selfish indulgence is the so-called Lost Generation of the twenties, and at least most of them had the decency to stay drunk. We couldn't even do that. Man, we suck."

Spooky man himself

Stephen whines about his generation. Vietnam has been talked about to death and King could not resist to give his two cents. It's chock full of references to music (Phil Oaks) and slogans (Killing for peace is like fucking for chasity), but it feels like they have been cut & pasted to fit the theme. This feeling is only heightened by the break up of the story. It starts with references to his Dark Tower series and then drops the horror/fantasy theme altogether, leaving you wanting something more interesting then hearing about kids addicted to cards. Hell, maybe I should write about kids addicted to Magic:The Gathering with tons of references to the 90's. Hmmmm.

The only other King book I managed to finish was The Stand and that book was decent. Two problems with it were that it was self-indulgently long (something he already seems to know about himself) and had the worst ending (par for the course in my King experience).

Go figure, this damn thing is going to be a movie with Anthony Hopkins as Ted Brautigan next fall (2001). It will suck, but at least King is used to that kind of treatment with his books. He needs better directors. The Shinning benefitted from that (Jack helped too) and he should not write the screen play since his version of it sucked. Of course, all his made for TV things sucked hard-core. Yes, that's four "sucks" (five) in one review.

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