The Droplift Project

The idea came suddenly.

Manufacture our own CDs, go into chain stores, and leave them in the appropriate bins. Down among the established pop hits and top 40 product, these CDs await those curious few who take them to the counter.

Then what? Witness the confused faces of cashiers and customers alike when the CD does not show up in the inventory. But they'll most likely make the sale, and the CD known only as THE DROPLIFT PROJECT will go home with yet another customer. Mission accomplished.

The concept is more interesting than some of the music. Since The Droplift project is a compilation of various artist's experiments in heavy sampling you have to expect some variety in quality. It's hard to complain about something when all the audio and cover art is available for free download. Half the fun may be trying to identify where the samples come from. Some tracks feel like someone just strung a few samples together and others are definite gems. Freewill and Mr. T. adventure story are clever and funny. Many tracks touch on various issues like copyright. It's worth listening to, even just for the experience hearing the first effort in new form of subversion.

If you really like it or want to contribute to the next one, go here. If you are curious about the issue of fair use then check this out.

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