Xmen 2

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Review section: first (Review as sic AIM chat with spoilers)

Linkworthy: I loved X2 BTW
Linkworthy: Magneto's escape was the shit
shiraoftunare: yeah magneto is a total badass
shiraoftunare: and he didnt seem Gandalf-ish at all even though Ive seen TT not too long ago
Linkworthy: I do beleive you have too much Iron in your blood. Buahahah
shiraoftunare: that was cool
Linkworthy: probably not possible but he was a big guy
Linkworthy: and the balls could have been hollow
shiraoftunare: mystique added shit to his blood in the bar
Linkworthy: I know
Linkworthy: I'm just thinking that it might have been lethal
shiraoftunare: and that was a huge ass syringe
shiraoftunare: true
Linkworthy: like say...that adamantium injection
Linkworthy: I'm thinking she's gonna stay dead
shiraoftunare: that was cool, but then that whole fight was, its amazing how much violence and killing you can have if you just dont spray blood everywhere
shiraoftunare: yeah probably
shiraoftunare: even if she lived, she wouldnt be able to move
Linkworthy: They just turned off the blood setting in their Doom 3 rendering engine
shiraoftunare: pretty much
Linkworthy: parental controls
Linkworthy: I'm sure you can turn it back on in the DVD
shiraoftunare: hehe
Linkworthy: I bet you can put Colossus back in too
shiraoftunare: at least he got a cameo
Linkworthy: It's all about Wolverine
shiraoftunare: pretty much, cyclops was hardly in this one
Linkworthy: What is that Senator's mutant ability again?
Linkworthy: Kelly
shiraoftunare: he's dead. thats M in disguise still
Linkworthy: Super-bloat
Linkworthy: ah I forgot a lot of the first
shiraoftunare: yeah, wierd they killed him off so quick, he was the one who was responsible for the Sentinels
shiraoftunare: they must not be doing that story
Linkworthy: yeah they are going to do Dark Phoenix though I think
Linkworthy: Hellfire club
shiraoftunare: thats what I was wondering, Phoenix for sure, but dunno yet if Dark
Linkworthy: Who should play the Frost Queen?
shiraoftunare: well the problem is, the guy who corrupts her, was Jason Wyngarde, who they made the son of the general in 2, so technically mastermind is dead too
Linkworthy: Sharon Stone?
Linkworthy: yeah they fucked him up good no?
shiraoftunare: hmm, maybe, but theyve done pretty good by casting relative unknowns (aside from stewart and mckellan)
shiraoftunare: well he was crushed then drowned inside the cerebro, plus he was in a wheelchair, dont see him coming back
Linkworthy: but if you don't actually see them die....
shiraoftunare: ehhhh
Linkworthy: It's possible the Hellfire club could have snatched him up somehow
shiraoftunare: maybe, but then theyd have to introduce all of them, we'll have to wait and see, they could also easily just have her lose control without external interference, they only have 2 hrs anyway
Linkworthy: But I'm thinking they might make it the Brotherhood that does it, since Pyro's defection was shown in this one
shiraoftunare: yeah, they have to have another showdown with M at some point
Linkworthy: BTW who was the Harry Potter looking kid changing channels
shiraoftunare: hmm, little kid with Telekin. who doesnt sleep, you got me
shiraoftunare: the girl who screamed was Banshees daughter, I forget her name
Linkworthy: Like the one that phases I forgot her name too
shiraoftunare: Shadowcat, kitty pryde
Linkworthy: oh yeah
shiraoftunare: surprised she wasnt a main with colossus, they had the whole love triangle thing going on
Linkworthy: her and Nightcrawler become and item right?
shiraoftunare: and beast had a cameo on the news in the bar
shiraoftunare: yeah
shiraoftunare: it was Scott-Jean-Logan and Peter-kitty-kurt
shiraoftunare: oh and they had gambits name listed in the computer M hacked into
Linkworthy: I wonder how the current xman is going
shiraoftunare: no clue, I pretty much quit after Lee and Claremont stopped working on it
Linkworthy: Grant Morrison is doing it now
shiraoftunare: the art got crappy and they starting messing with all the characters, same with Excalibur
Linkworthy: I read a few of them they were damn spiffy
shiraoftunare: the new ones?
Linkworthy: yeah
shiraoftunare: hm
Linkworthy: I like Grant's work
Linkworthy: one of the better writer's his JLA stuff is great Earth2, etc
shiraoftunare: never read any JL, and you mean Earth2 as in that crappy tv series?
Linkworthy: He also did The Invisibles which I own completely and never read all yet
Linkworthy: I wish I had money and the time to read all the xmen
Linkworthy: What do you think about that Hulk trailer?
shiraoftunare: cheezy
shiraoftunare: they better be damn good with the story cause he looks soooooo cg
Linkworthy: the green skin is the problem I think
Linkworthy: It can't help but look fake
shiraoftunare: take the Balrog though, you knew that was fake, but it still looked awesome as hell
Linkworthy: true
Linkworthy: oh yeah Gambit-Logon-rogue triangle
Linkworthy: and iceman
Linkworthy: it's turning into a gang-bang porno
shiraoftunare: thats only in the movie, iceman and rogue we'rent every really together that I remember
Linkworthy: yeah the timing is all strange for me still. I forget where she absorbs what's her name and get's all superheroery
shiraoftunare: like before she is even introduced
Linkworthy: Oh so that's different too
shiraoftunare: I think she was part of the Brotherhood since Mystique raised her
Linkworthy: another thing never touched on
shiraoftunare: and in her first fight, before she joins them, she absorbs whats-her-name
Linkworthy: yeah, quite a large bit of source material to mangle eh?
shiraoftunare: 40 years worth
Linkworthy: they don't run the cartoons anymore do they?
Linkworthy: I wonder how many they made
shiraoftunare: they run the new one on Cartoon Network
shiraoftunare: there was the old cartoon, then they made Xmen Evolution after the 1st movie came out, I like it a lot more than the old one even though it's less accurate
shiraoftunare: they have all the new mutants as background characters
Linkworthy: Yeah, well I guess it gives them some chance at creativity
shiraoftunare: yeah instead of just rehashing old stuff
Linkworthy: It would suck to be at that job having to follow those old plots
shiraoftunare: in the new cartoon theyre all in high school (except storm and wolverine)
shiraoftunare: and avalanche has a crush on kitty